For MINTING demonstrations and tests MyMonero is a popular option. For anything else, it depends on how secure you want large funds to be, as this is the Swiss Bank Account of the New Money. Each of the steps below gets increasingly more secure. Listen to less than 2 minutes on Monero! More comes later in the recording!


Web Wallet is the most popular

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HOW TO: Set Up Monero GUI Wallet!

Slightly more secure, an example of how to use the easiest one on your computer is 6 minutes!

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Monerujo Monero Wallet - Android App on Google Play

(There is a new Monero wallet that is a popular option for Android. Don't use any other Android wallets as club members as they are not tested by the club.

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Cake Wallet for iOS

Cake wallet, the first iOS wallet for Monero. Note: This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices..

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Monero Cold Wallet

Maximum-security for large funds (It takes around 10 minutes to make a secure cold wallet.)

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All the above options work well for 99.9% of people already, this last one is only included here for the sake of training and completeness. It's the longest used one, but it's a command-line-interface, so it's for advanced users only. And not really required for 99.9% of people anymore! PROGRESS, how did we get to be so lucky?!?

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